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The Pine Barrens is a preserved pine forest encompassing much of eastern Suffolk The long island sound. Kings, Queens, and Suffolk. The eastern portion of the island was inhabited by speakers of the Mohegan-Montauk-Narragansett language group of Algonquian languages; they were part of the Pequot and Narragansett peoples inhabiting the area that now includes Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Long Island Sound

Yet some nitrogen pollution has been stored in the sediment at the bottom of the Sound, and warmer weather also keeps down levels of dissolved oxygen, according to the Sound Study officials.

Until the completion of the Brooklyn Bridgethe only means of travel between Long Island and the rest of the United States was by boat or ship.

Sound Facts Adding Up Its Value Estuaries such as Long Island Sound are among the most valuable ecosystems in the world, but adding up its value is as The long island sound as the ecosystem itself.

Top notch company all around. The North Shore beaches are rocky from the remaining glacial debris, while the South Shore's are crisp, clear, outwash sand. From the s to the s, Long Island began the transformation from backwoods and farms as developers created numerous suburbs.

The LIS DMMP identifies a wide range of alternatives to open-water disposal and recommends standards and procedures for determining which alternatives to pursue for different dredging projects. From the s tothe number of pumping stations for boat sewage tripled to 90 at marinas up and down the coast.

During the occupation British troops used a number of civilian structures for defense and demanded to be quartered in the homes of civilians. We are so glad we used them! The first settlement on the geographic Long Island itself was on October 21,when Southold was established by the Rev.

The Old House in Cutchoguebuiltis the oldest English-style house in the state. Hundreds of thousands of residents were left without electric power for periods of time ranging up to several weeks while the damage was being repaired. The Final Rule amends the site designation rule with new restrictions on the use of the two sites to help meet the goal of reducing or eliminating dredged material disposal in the open waters of Long Island Sound.

Great people, great company!! As other bridges and tunnels were constructed, areas of the island began to be developed as residential suburbs, first around the railroads that offered commuting into the city. The goal was to reduce the amount of nitrogen entering the Sound by From the introduction video that was unlike anything anyone else had seen, to helping us pick the right songs for our entrances, to listening to our requests, to keeping everyone moving all night long, to keeping the pace of the wedding just right all night, these guys did an amazing job.

General Washington based his espionage activities on Long Island, due to the western part of the island's proximity to the British military headquarters in New York City.

And bird-watchers only have to come to the shores of the Sound to delight in a variety of shore birds as well as a diversity and abundance of songbirds.

Giovanni da Verrazzano was the first European to record an encounter with the Lenapes, after entering what is now New York Bay in The ferries that cross Long Island Sound carry automobiles, trucks and buses, as well as foot passengers.

What Makes Long Island Sound Special?

In its easternmost sections, Suffolk County remains semi-rural, as in Greenport on the North Fork and some of the periphery of the area prominently known as The Hamptonsalthough summer tourism swells the population in those areas.

These provided opportunities for World War II military veterans returning home to buy houses and start a family. Dutch and English settlers from the time before the American Revolutionary Waras well as communities of Native Americans, populated the island.

At the close of the 19th century, wealthy industrialists who made vast fortunes during the Gilded Age began to construct large "baronial" country estates in Nassau County communities along the North Shore of Long Island, favoring the many properties with water views.

These Restrictions on site use help meet the goal of reducing or eliminating dredged material disposal in the open waters of Long Island Sound. The reports have been published on an EPA website each year since Our estuary is home to more than 1, species of invertebrates, species of fish, and dozens of species of migratory birds live at least part of the year.

Restrictions apply to all federal and private projects generating more than 25, cubic yards of dredged material in Long Island Sound.

These groups will be comprised of federal and state agency representatives that will work together to identify, develop, and promote the use of practicable alternatives to open-water disposal of dredged material, such as using sand for beach nourishment. Long Island Sound was out of this world!

The ocean also brings afternoon sea breezes that temper the heat in the warmer months and limit the frequency and severity of thunderstorms. Planning a visit and interested in things to do?

What Makes Long Island Sound Special?

Scientists debate whether submarine power cables are safe for underwater lifeforms. Army Corps of Engineers regarding how the dredged material from such projects should be handled. Silt and sediment from the harbor contains heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, according to DEP officials.

Development resulting from population increases, past industrial pollution and stormwater runoff all contribute to the poor quality of the water, according to the report. Early history[ edit ] Long Island Native American settlements Prior to European contact, the Lenape people named the Delaware by Europeans inhabited the western end of Long Island, and spoke the Munsee dialect of Lenape, one of the Algonquian language family.

This is due to several factors:The Long Island Sound is the body of water situated between the North Shore of Long Island, both Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and the southern coast of Connecticut. The waters of the Long Island. A Regional Partnership to protect Long Island Sound by reducing nutrients from private working lands in the watershed.

Long Island Sound is Connecticut’s largest and most important natural resource.

Long Island

More than 8 million people live in the Long Island Sound watershed and the activities that take place on and along the Sound – boating, fishing, tourism, and swimming – contribute.

Information on Western and Central Long Island Sound Dredged Material Disposal Sites including the Dredged Material Management Plan and Regional Dredging Team.

Information regarding the Eastern Long Island Sound Selected Site including public meetings. Plans for a Long Island Crossing at various locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties (a proposed bridge or tunnel that would link Long Island to the south with New York or Connecticut to the north across Long Island Sound) have been discussed for decades, but there are currently no firm plans to.

Long Island Sound Abstract: Description: Long Island Sound is Connecticut’s largest and most important natural resource. More than 8 million people live in the Long Island Sound watershed and the activities that take place on and along the Sound – boating, fishing, tourism, and swimming – contribute an estimated $ billion per year to the regional economy.

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The long island sound
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